Good quality training is at the heart of our sport and individuals have dedicated their lives to developing programs to pass on knowledge and skills to all divers. There are major training agencies with instructors available worldwide offering classes at every level of diving.

It’s important that divers take advantage of the learning opportunities and to not dive beyond the level of their training, ability, and experience. Safe diving requires good instruction then practice on the part of the student to develop and refine their skills.

A novice in any sport first learns the basic skills then goes on to seek education in more advanced techniques. This is especially true with SCUBA diving. Each class will teach new skills and will build upon what was taught in previous classes. To be a better and safer diver it is our responsibility to practice and hone those skills.

Advanced diving classes are liberating because they impart a greater understanding of the physics and physiology of diving. They teach techniques that prepare you for a wide variety of situations and give you the confidence to solve problems and be a better, safer diver.

In life, we should never stop learning and this is especially true in SCUBA diving.