Whether you just want to dive a shallow reef or you live to explore deep shipwrecks your main goal is the enjoyment of the sport of SCUBA diving. We divers talk about the beauty of the underwater world; the peacefulness we experience; the amazing sea life we see, and the sense of accomplishment we feel. The ability to breathe underwater and swim like the fish is what allows us to enjoy these experiences.

Our training and equipment allow us to dive and the skills of the sport are of utmost importance. Learning and developing the proper techniques will make your diving safer and more enjoyable. Comfort with equipment will allow you to relax and enjoy your dive. Good buoyancy control will not only make you safer but also will cause less environmental damage and give you a better air consumption rate. Learning to swim like a barracuda and not like a sea horse is the goal and we want to share some pointers that will help.

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