Demo Day Events

What better way to understand and appreciate good dive gear than to try it out for yourself? You can’t go out and buy all sorts of new gear just to see how you like it, but you certainly can take advantage of demo events where equipment manufacturers are happy to show off their awesome new dive gear.

We are pleased to offer all divers, manufacturers, training agencies, and others the opportunity to participate in our Try Tech Gear Demo Day events devoted to technical dive training, equipment, and philosophy. All levels of divers who may be interested in technical diving are welcome. The goal is to demonstrate the benefits of technical diving training and equipment and to grow the sport.

The Try Tech Gear Demo Days began February 2018 in Florida and events have been held throughout the year at various locations from Florida into the Southeast U.S. These weekend events begin on Saturday mornings with discussions, presentations, equipment demonstrations, and try-outs all day. A casual lunch and refreshments are provided onsite for attendees. The day continues with an evening “get acquainted,” gathering around the campfire or at an appropriate location. All divers are welcome to sit by the fire and talk diving in a casual relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great way to make new friends and learn about diving.

Our goal is to increase awareness of technical diving equipment, training, and techniques. We hope to generate enthusiasm for the sport by providing knowledge and education in an inclusive, non-threatening atmosphere with the focus on goodwill and camaraderie. All divers are welcome regardless of your certification or experience. We want everybody to learn and to have fun.

Equipment manufacturers, training agencies, other businesses, and not-for-profit groups related to technical diving are invited to attend, highlight their business, and allow attendees to demonstrate their products.

The events are casual outdoor events at locations devoted to SCUBA diving. There is no charge for attendees other than park fees, or cost of re-breather consumables. Click the link below to view the calendar of upcoming events.

Check our calendar for exciting and fun demo events to come!

For more information or to get involved in our Demo Day Events just send us a message and we’ll get right back to you!